Clarence Thomas Biography

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As a Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas has been established as one of the most unique and principled jurist, who is loved by most of his colleagues and working staff. Justice Thomas has strongly influenced the Court to concentrate their focus on the original words and the meaning of the US constitution in light of the natural law principles the founders had in their minds when they authored the Constitution hence being seen to use the legal model in making most of his decisions in the court. His nature led to him being considered as one of the most conservative justices to have ever served in the US Supreme Court. Despite being a strong believer of the Constitution, Thomas is seen to disagree with the present day interpretation of the…show more content…
(2001). Clarence Thomas. San Francisco: Encounter Books
In this unauthorized biography, one of the most authoritative ever written by the controversial Supreme Court justice, Andrew Peyton Thomas explores Clarence Thomas’ life as he rose from a poor childhood to the nation 's highest court. In an attempt of the writer to understand the drive for the elusive and sometimes enigmatic Justice, he located and conducted the first ever interview with the Thomas’ father, mother, sisters and other close relatives and friends. This book gives details of the early life of Thomas and equips the reader with the background knowledge of the Justice.
Cox, V. (2008). Clarence Thomas. New York: Chelsea House.
This book by Cox talks a lot about Clarence Thomas. In his book, he examines the life and the career of Thomas, who was the second African American man to be appointed to the supreme court of the United States. In his book, he details Thomas life starting from when he was a kid to the point where he was appointed the Supreme Court justice. The major life events of Clarence Thomas are documented in a way that is simple and very easy to understand making it easier for the reader to get the information that he needs in an easy
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