Clarifying Your Values Assignment: Reliability

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Clarifying Your Values Assignment Value: Reliability Choosing Freely 1. Am I sure I have thought about this value and chosen to believe it myself? I feel that this is the most important value. In my opinion in order to have many of the other values on the list, you need to be reliable first. With reliability comes trust, which is also another very important value. 2. Who first taught you this value? My parents were the first ones to teach me how important it is to be reliable. Growing up they were always true to their word and I never had to second guess if they would be there or not. I want not only my family but also my patients to feel the same way with me as I did with my parents. 3. How do I know I am “right”? I feel that I am right based…show more content…
This value means so much to me and I am honored to say that I hold this value so I am not afraid to speak out and let others know how important it is to be reliable. Action 1. Am I willing to put this value into action? Yes, I am. I have considered myself a reliable person for years both in school and as an employee. I am excited to put this value into action with being a nurse one day. 2. Do I act on this value? When? How consistently? I feel as though I do act on this value. I try my best to use this value as much as I possibly can, being as consistent with it as possible. 3. Is this a value that can guide me in other situations? Yes. Being reliable is something that everyone should try their best to be. It is important to be reliable not only at work, but outside of work as well. 4. Would I want others who are important to me to follow this value? Yes, I would. If you have a reliable support system it can make hard times in your life much easier. I think it is very important for my family and friends to be reliable as well. 5. Do I think I will always believe in this? How committed to this value am I? I have always believed in this value so I feel that it is safe to say that I always will believe in. I feel that I am very strongly committed to this

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