Clarina Howard Nichols's Speech: The Responsibilities Of Woman Speech

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The Responsibilities of Woman Speech Analysis The title of my speech is The Responsibilities of Woman and the speaker was Clarina Howard Nichols. Nichols was a mid-40s woman of middle class status. She only possessed a decent education, but still managed to obtain remarkable intelligence and even more impressive speaking skills. Her voice shined through her speech and it was clear that the speech was personal to her, due to the use of pronouns. For example, she uses the term, “My sister” (Clarina Howard Nichols: The Responsibilities of Woman). As a result of this, the speech was delivered through her point of view. Nichols delivered her speech at the Second National Women’s Rights Convention, held in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1851. 1851 was the beginning of the women’s rights movement, which was a big influence of Nichols’ speech. The speech was delivered as a political movement and it specifically addressed the women of that time period. The context of the text was to support women’s rights by encouraging women to better themselves as wives by valuing intelligence and culture over beauty. The audience that this speech is targeted towards is women. She specifies women as the audience by tailoring her speech towards women and appealing to their emotions, situations, and circumstances. For example, she says, “I could not believe that God gad created so many homely women, and suffered all to lose their beauty in the very maturity of their powers, and yet made it our duty
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