Clarisse And Marilyn In Fahrenheit 451

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“If you hide your ignorance, no one will hit you and you will never learn.” (fahrenheit 451) In the book fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, Clarisse Mcclellan is a pure and innocent young girl who doesn't follow the “norm” of her society. In the short story “cold equations”, by Tom Godwin, Marilyn is also a pure and innocent young girl who is ignorant of the “norm” of her society. The similarities between Clarisse and Marilyn are impressive and the deserve further evaluation. They both show their innocence and purity, they both show how they don't follow the “norm” of their society, and they both show how they play a huge role in others lives. The first thing that makes Clarisse and Marilyn alike is their traits of purity and innocence. “There was only the girl walking with him now, her face bright as snow in the moonlight” (Fahrenheit 451, 7) This is one of the first descriptions of Clarisse. The way that she was described used words like “bright” and “white”. The color white symbolizes purity and innocence. Using light and white description words shows that Clarisse is a very pure and innocent Character. “With a faint sweet scent of perfume coming from her and her smiling face tilted up so her eyes could seem unknowing and unafraid.” (Cold equations) Alike Clarisse, the first description of Marilyn also shows her…show more content…
Starting with Clarisse. “Of course i’m happy” Montag responds to clarisse's question when she asks him if he is happy. After they meet, Clarisse starts questioning Montag, which leads to Montag questioning himself and life. “But this one's different, you see the stowaway’s a girl” (Godwin) After Captain Bartan Found Marilyn hiding, his points of views changed because she was so “different” He gave her more time and didn't kill her right away like he should have. Both Clarisse and Marilyn came into someone's life and made them start questioning themselves and their life
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