Clarisse And Mildred In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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As you may know, Bradbury made Mildred and Clarisse very important characters besides Montag, making them memorable characters towards the story. He explained on how he did have feelings for mildred ,but never actually love. She was the same as the rest of the society just someone going with the flow. Clarisse changed montag to see the world in another point of view. His opinion towards the burning of books in his society had changed . He made him question himself on why are we burning books. He changed his opinion towards captain beatty actions. fi In the novel bradbury also makes us feel different about the two character clarisse ,and mildred. eventually making us like one more than the other .He makes us dislike mildred by her actions and the way he choose negative dialogue for her thru the whole novel. A great example of her negativity is how she tried to commit suicide. However when he talks about claire's he gives us a totally different tone making her more positive and cheerful towards her life. Bradbury achieves this sense of positivity just by the simple description he gives us using the color white to give us a positive change . On the other hand when he first talks about clarisse he says
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Each giving him different points to look at but definitely clarisse impacted his life the most. Changing and literally making the whole story happen. The kind of connection that montague and claire's had grew bigger as the story develops until the point she dies. Montague is really affected by her sudden death his life took a turn the moment he found out how clarisse had died runned over by a beatle while taking one of her late night walks. this makes claire's so memorable because she started the novel and her actions made montague change his whole life. making the story much more
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