Clark Terry Research Paper

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The concert was held at Jazz at the Bistro. It was a tribute to the great trumpet player and St. Louis native Clark Terry. The concert was performed by contemporary trumpet virtuoso Byron Stripling and the Jazz St. Louis Big Band. Clark Terry was a well-known and highly respected trumpeter and flugelhorn player who has had a tremendous influence on jazz and jazz culture in the music’s rich history. Clark Terry’s music deeply moved numerous jazz legends like Byron Stripling, who once said, “You don’t have to be a jazz fan. That’s really important with Clark Terry. You don’t have to be a jazz fan to like and to love his music because it invites you into it. You are invited in not only with virtuosic and bluesy sense, but also with humor. He…show more content…
Byron Stripling is an exceptionally witty story teller, he would tell spellbinding stories about the history of the great Clark Terry before each piece was performed. He would then interact with the audience and tell comical jokes that would cause everyone to burst out in laughter, leaving everyone feeling comfortable around one another. Byron Stripling surprised the audience when he began playing the trumpet beautifully, while conducting the concert. Stripling and the Jazz St. Louis Big Band performed every song to perfection and left you tapping your feet and moving your body to the charming…show more content…
The concert was held in an exceedingly luxurious environment which put everyone in the audience in a jubilant mood. The audience would tap their feet along to the catchy rhythm, then would cheer with an electrifying applause after each piece was performed. The band continued to draw the crowd’s attention by having every musician on the stage play their own solo in each song. When Byron Stripling and the Jazz St. Louis Big Band performed the last piece in their set of the night they ended it with every musician on stage shouting “Clark Terry” to end the exquisite
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