Clarkview Elementary School Case Study

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Joey, a second grader at Clarkview Elementary school, is an at-risk student who is displaying undesirable behavior resulting in injury to his peers. Karen, Joey’s teacher, is concerned that school’s newly implemented zero tolerance policy will have an ineffective and detrimental effect on Joey. Moreover, the new policy would require the implementation of a three-day suspension; thus, exposing Joey to a greater risk of abuse from his mother and stepfather. In addition to exposing Joey to physical and emotional risk, a three-day suspension would prevent Joey from participating in planned learning outcomes; consequently, hindering his opportunity to learn. Furthermore, removing Joey from his class will as prohibit him from learning and practicing…show more content…
It is clear that this school is “…trapped in seven deadly habits: criticizing, blaming, complaining, nagging, threatening, punishing, and rewarding to control the behaviors of their students (Eby, Herrell, Jordan, 2010, pg. 27). Teachers’ frustrations with student behavior can be heard throughout the halls. Furthermore, it seems as if the discipline policy currently in place is reactive as opposed to proactive in nature, and focuses on what students did not do, rather than what students can do. Therefore, it is imperative that the school finds a new, research-based positive discipline program designed to teach students expected social behavior. In order to do so, all teachers must participate in professional development to ensure that the discipline policy is consistent throughout the grade levels. With a positive discipline policy, students similar to Joey would learn and practice expected behavior; thus, reducing the occurrences of discipline problems. In addition, all students will come to feel safe, valued, and respected within the school
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