Clash Of Civilization Analysis

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ASTRI CRISTIN 016201400023/ DIPLO 4 JOURNAL: THE RADICAL MIDDLE: BUILDING BRIDGES BETWEEN MUSLIM AND WESTERN WORLD (Gomaa,Ali; Un Chronicle; 2012; 49; 3; Technology Collection pg.4) The emergence of Clash of Civilizations it caused the increasing the dispute between cultural region and the most obviously between the Islamic and Western. Incidents that convincingly the dispute between Muslim and Western, we can see from terrorist attack of 9/11, the war on Iraq and Afghanistan and never ending conflict between Israel and palestina. Those incidents are the highest profile examples of a global state of affairs whose ramifications extend to even the very local and regional levels In Ali’s view, he said that no matter how pessimistic the landscape seems to be, we must not allow ourselves to concede to the inevitability of a trajectory which ends in the proverbial clash of civilizations. Further, it is an obligation to respond proactively to the tensions of our world by working actively and methodically to ameliorate them, so as to replace instability with stability, hostility with friendship, and animosity with alliances. In his view, he acknowledges the efforts of many international dialogue forums and institutions including the United Nations in bringing all sorts of people to the table to engage in genuine intercultural dialogue over the past few decades. Their commitment to cross-cultural understanding is truly commendable. From the Islamic perspective, what is required is a
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