Clash Of The Titans Research Paper

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The impact of television on myth, legend, and folklore is a both positive, and negative one. If a show or a movie is original, for example the TV show, True Blood, pertaining to vampires, TV can have a positive impact because the information does not have to match original vampire folklore. If a television show is following a certain guideline or an older mythological reference, information can be purposely added or taken out by producers, and characters and settings can change. In today 's society things are constantly being changed to make them interesting to the general population, and TV shows are no exception. For example, Clash of the Titans is a movie about Greek mythology, but it is not one-hundred percent accurate. While this movie is more accurate than others, there is information that has been added, or taken out for the purpose of entertainment.…show more content…
The best way to study myth, legend, and folklore is to learn as much as you can. First you get to know the basics, then you learn and absorb the more complex aspects, down to the tiniest details. The best way to do this is to categorize myth, legend, and folklore, then read, study, ask questions, and aborb the separate information to the best of your ability. After this, finding connections between all three is the best way to bring everything you 've learned to one place and analyze it as a whole. If we do not fully understand myth, legend, and folklore, we couldn 't understand some literature today. Myth, legend, and folklore are the backbone of literature from children 's stories to adult literature. To understand them, we must study them and keep them alive as they offer many life lessons about morality and ethics, and they offer explanations for situations we can 't explain. Without myth, legend, and folklore, we would be an uncultured

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