Class Size Reduction

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Education is the base of a society in the world which has an important factor for leading a country toward improvement. People comprehend the importance and benefits of education and they are trying to do their best to improve this phenomenon and that is why many families, educators and policy makers claim that there are some factors like the family issue, the quality of teaching method, the background of students which affected on academic achievement, but some researchers believe that these factors may not have a significant impact as the class size has. This essay will discuss how and why the class size reduction is a major factor in contributing to academic success because in small classes both teacher and students will have the opportunity…show more content…
For example, in small classes, the teachers have more time to pay attention to every student and have more time to discuss with each other than the classroom management. Also small classes have provided a good environment to reduce the level of noise for the students which there will fewer discipline problems. In addition, the size of classes has a significant impact on grading and the moral of the students; which can help the student to reduce the class problems (Mitchell, 1989). Therefore, “fewer students in the classrooms seem to translate into less noise and disruptive behavior from students, which not only gives the teacher more time for class work but also more freedom to engage students creatively-by, for example, dividing them into groups for specific projects. In addition, smaller classes make it more likely that the teacher can give greater individual attention to struggling students. And also small classes can improve the self-esteem of the students and the study habits.” (Ehernberge, 2001, p. 158). Furthermore, the size of a class is the essential key of the good performance of the instructors because instructors have an impact role on the training of the students. By this opportunity, the teachers have more time to make a long-term plan to the improvement of the students who are weak in their studies and to encourage them to participate…show more content…
Therefore some researches like, Student-Teacher Achievement Ratio (STAR), Class Size Reduction (CSR) and the Student Achievement Guarantee in Education (SAGE) show that class size has positive effects on academic achievement. In addition, small classes are more beneficial than the large classes and have long term benefits. The class size reduction has provided a good environment for both students and the instructors to improve their academic success. Also the size of a class is effective for pupils for activities and individual’s attention, decrees the dropout, increase the self-confidence. So, class size reduction is one of the best ways to improve the academic

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