Unhealthy Food Proposal

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Class Assignment Proposal

Background: The health problem

The health problem to be examined in this research is unhealthy eating. In order to understand what are considered as unhealthy eating habits, healthy eating habits need to be clearly clarified. Liu et al. (2017) gave one perspective of healthy food being nourishments in their most natural state, without any additional processing or added sugars, for example organic vegetables, grass fed meat and whole grain fruits (Liu et al., 2017). Healthy foods in essence provide an optimal amount of nutrients for those consuming them (Liu et al., 2017). On the other hand, unhealthy foods are the complete opposite (Liu et al., 2017). These are highly processed foods, that are filled with trans
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(2014) discovered that students preferred junk food because it was cheaper (Fletcher et al., 2014). Time may also be a barrier to adopting healthy behaviour (Heerman et al., 2017). Students may not have enough time to cook healthy meals or pack healthy lunches due to university commitments, which can result in the skipping of meals an eating unhealthily to compensate (Heerman et al., 2017). In support of this Heerman et al., (2017) found that one of the reasons why people may engage in unhealthy snacking due to the fact they often skip meals. Convenience also plays a strong role in the reasons why students may choose to eat unhealthily as if the cafeteria serving unhealthy food is closer than the healthy food store and especially if incentives are involved such as coupons (Liu et al., 2017). This is supported by Liu et al. (2017) who looked at eating habits in the workplace and discovered that people are drawn to food specials that are close by and will choose those as opposed to searching for healthier food. Lastly ones environment may pose as a barrier to healthy eating as being in an environment that encourages unhealthy habits and food choices makes them more likely to be adopted (Pelletier & Laska,

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