Class Conflict Research Paper

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Merve Dellal
Philip Poole
ENG 102-98
31 March 2016


Conflicts have existed since the very beginning of the history of humanity. We come across and use the word ‘’conflict’’ a lot in our lives in different fields. Conflicts and its definitions are quite controversial. In the book , ‘’Managing Conflict in Organizations’’ , author M. Afzalur Rakhim mentions that there is no single universally accepted definition of conflict (15). Rakhim’s proposed definition of conflict is ‘’an interactive process manifested in incompatibility, disagreement or dissonance within or between social entities ‘’(16).To take another definition, conflict can simply be defined as some form of divergence, disagreement,
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There are many different types of class orders in the world. These orders show alterations according to cultures, religions, structures and norms of the society, political systems etc. For example in Hinduism, class system is based on religion. This unique class system called as Varna. Varna, enclose four different classes which are Brahman, Kshatria, Vaisia and Sudra. In Hindu caste system, it is not possible to change the current class that an individual belongs to. Furthermore classes are transmitted from father. Varna’s pattern quite like feudal aristocracy apart from Varna is based on religion. Highest classes of the class systems change according to what they are based on. For instance in religion based class systems highest class is religious people such as priests. Due to this strict hierarchical order different classes started to express their religions in different ways. Upper class members in the society were practising their religious duties more expediently. They could actively take part in religious organizations and activities but it was not possible for the lower class. Therefore religion based class systems caused a huge inequality and class conflict. Although nearly most of the religions advocate equality, along with the religion based class systems it contradicts itself. Apart from religion based class systems, there is also political class systems. We can see the most significant…show more content…
and class conflict has always been a huge deal all over the world. According to my research class conflict is still the case for many countries. It is not that strict like it is in the medieval era but we can still see its permanent traces if we observe the society’s patterns very deeply. People, try to have found different conflict resolutions for the class conflict. Some nations use violence such as revolutions and wars. Some nations tip the scales in their favour by using the aristocrat class. And some nations such as Turkey still try to find a proper resolution. In my opinion, resolution can be provided by education and follow a new path in the politics. Along with the education, social structure became ordinate. New path must include equal opportunities for all citizens and state must be a social state. After provide that conditions, I believe that class struggle disappear in progress of

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