Class Discrimination In The White Tiger

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“The White Tiger” is a Man Booker Prize (2008) winning book is written by the great Indian writer, Aravind Adiga. This article lets us know how the class discrimination is engulfing the Post Colonial Indian Society under the silent penetration of poverty and corruption. Here, the narrator and protagonist, Balaram Halwai, struggles against his lower class society from the very initial time of his life. His life undergoes with serious sufferings from economical solvency because of being in the lower Hindu cast. He senses the tortures of the elite class people towards the deprived poor. He witnessed the deaths of many dreams in a poor family. He observes it as a “Rooster Coop” that stands for the extreme poverty where the people below the social…show more content…
The novel is a progression of dispatch in black and white in seven nights to the Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabo. Mr. Jiabo is hovered to stop over India to the clandestine of achievement of Indian entrepreneurs. So, the central character, Balram, assumes to let him know how to be a triumphant to get power and influence among the people in post colonial India. Getting into the shady heart of India, Balram searches outs an interval while he is appointed as a driver for his native wealthiest men. He rebelled against the modern contemporaneousness sitting in front of the wheel of Honda City car. It was nothing but a new rebellion. While his turning through the pages of assassinations of women by rapping or other ways weekly, exchanges for girls, having liquors, and consistencies in Rooster Coop existed in Indian society, Balram detects his master’s bribery at foreign ministries for tax robbery, and taking part at their own functions in the consideration of so called Rooster Coop. Balram discovered how to posses gas bills, mechanics and replenish and resell the Johnnie Walker bottles in black label. He might have got a way to
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