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A class divided was an entertaining video to watch. I enjoyed watching Mrs. Elliott implement her exercise regarding discrimination and racism. It was also interesting how Mrs. Elliott 's third graders responded to her when they were asked a question about black people. Then she began her exercise by stating, "That she was the teacher and since she has blue eyes then blue-eyed people should be on top." Then she stated,"Blue-eyed people are smarter than brown-eyed people. And one of her male students defended his father saying," His father was not that stupid." After his response Mrs. Elliott went on to say,"Blue-eyed people were better than brown-eyed people." What was a little uneasy for me was when the yardstick was misplaced one of the students…show more content…
He will also come back for a refill on his coffee and after I fill his coffee he will say, "You did good." None of this screams out appreciative to me. One morning he came in and order his usual and sat his money down on the counter. At that point, I had had enough and I said,"It is rude to sit your money on the counter for someone to pick up." He did not say anything. After I poured his coffee and handed it to him he replied,"Keep doing what you are doing and make your mama proud." I was so offended I did not know what to do, and his ways have caused me to be bitter towards him and, to be honest, I want nothing to do with him when he comes in the store. A class divided showed how blacks and other races feel when they are treated unfairly. When Mrs. Elliott asked her students to remove their collars that was a sign of them being equal again. What was also interesting was how the students scores dropped when they were on the bottom but raised when they were on top. Verla one of Mrs. Elliott 's third graders stated, "How everyone gave her a strange look when she hugged a black gentlemen she knew at a softball game." I think it would be a great idea for teachers to implement this exercise but like Mrs. Elliott stated, "It should be done carefully as it could damage a
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