Class Inequality: Class Conflict And Conflict In Society

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Class struggle is a conflict in a particular society or between a society which is caused by the lack of unity in one society and different perspective of a different group in a society. It is also called class conflict or class warfare. One social issue of a class struggle is the social inequality. According to, Social inequality is an inequity of social class, award, opportunities, religion, position in the community, social status and at some other point respect in a group of society. It is considered here the unbalanced power, occupation, race, teaching in schools, etc. In this topic, I will more likely emphasize the social classes which causes inequality to the society and poverty. Social classes are set or groups of people in the society in which category they belong such as upper class, middle class and lower class. What made social inequality exist? One reason is the poverty that comprises of the lower class. Furthermore, this is common in the society of our country. Based on, there are two reasons that explain poverty. These are “blame the poor” and “blame society”. The first is blame the poor in which the poor is the main reason for poverty or responsible of causing poverty because of lack of jobs, occupation, degree, schooling, and determination to work. The second one is blame society because some people who are unemployed which is a main cause of poverty and furthermore being unemployed is the major cause of poverty. This
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