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During the course of this semester, I feel that I have grown substantially as a writer. I think that I could improve even more with practice as well as using a few resources. This class has helped me drastically by improving my writing structure but I think it could have been even better if I had spent my time more efficiently. Overall this class has been very beneficial to me and I think it will really help me in the future. When I started this class I took a completely different approach to writing a paper. Before this class I would look to see how many words I would need and I would stretch as little information as i could to bring my word count up. Now I focus on my sentence structure and the information I am trying to present instead…show more content…
My sentences still read very choppy although they are much better than when I started this class. This can be ironed out of my writing by spending more time proofreading my papers. The sentence fluency I think will come the more I write, even by my last paper I feel it has improved drastically compared to my first paper. I think I could have been even more successful in this class if I had spent more time out of class proofreading and using my time better while I was in class. I feel that I have grown more than I originally planned on because this class involved us more in the first quarter. I originally thought it was all just writing papers to improve our skills rather than do exercises that actually help us. I think this class gave me a great foundation to build off of in the future and to fine tune my writing skills in college and the future. I think this class for me has really opened my eyes to how lazy of a writer I was because I didn 't take the time or put the effort in. During this class I have improved in countless ways that will be needed to be successful in the next level of education. Although I feel I have drastically improved, there are aspects in my wring that need work, but I think they will come with more time and

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