Class Size Factors

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Class size is a major factor in contributing to academic success
In today’s modern era, education plays a vital role in our lives. It is an important factor in bringing prosperous change in a society. Getting education can help you turning your dreams into reality, having a happy life and career, and making a safe environment for yourself and others to live. Therefore, many countries attempt to establish an efficient education system in order to have a better outcome from the students. There have been many experiments on this issue. One of the factors that researchers found crucial is the number of students in a class. Throughout the past 35 years, there have been hundreds of studies and analysis of data focused on the class size reduction (Ehrenberg at al, 2001). In the United States, around 20 states adopted policies at decreasing class sizes and spent billions of dollars (Ehrenberg at al, 2001). However; after several years of controversy about the effect of class size, based on shreds of evidence it can be said that class size has a potential mean of changing how much students learn. In addition, class size reduction can help students boost up their grades, and learn many other social and personal skills that could affect the quality of their lives in future.
Class size reduction is a critical component of a better academic performance of students which can be seen in improved grades. One of the experiments on Class Size Reduction (CRS) was The Tennessee class size
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