Class Standing At Birth Research Paper

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It is a real shame that when you are born determines whether you will be successful in life or not. A new born baby’s financial status determine whether they will go to a good school or college. If a family is wealthy and willing to spend money on your education, then you have a greater chance to become successful later in life. Someone who is born into a poor family who doesn’t have enough money to put you in a good school won’t have as equal of an opportunity to become successful later in life. Class standing at birth is an unfair and unfortunate way to categorize new born babies on their future in the social spectrum. Unfortunately, Class standing is determined at birth. Not all Americans have equal opportunities to succeed. People who are born into families that make six figures are more likely to succeed and be privileged. (“Class in America”) they are more likely to go to a good school and become successful later in life. Statistics show people jumping from rags to riches is very rare. Although the media shows us stories of people jumping from one end to the social spectrum to another,…show more content…
“Study found that only 4% of children from low-income families achieve a college education, compared to 45% of children in higher-income families”. People don’t have an equal opportunity to succeed because not everyone is not fortunate enough to get an education and go to college. Cultural environment and surroundings undoubtedly impact the eventual success of a child, as they determine available opportunities and govern how a child will perceive their social standing. The area people live in is a big factor on what kind of education they will get and whether the will get a good education and go to college or drop out and run the streets. Education is a very important factor in everyone’s childhood. Children should have the same quality education no matter where you live or what part of the social spectrum you live
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