Class Struggle In Education

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When we visited the Larawan Kasaysayan Lipunan Photo Exhibit which is exhibit prepared by the HUMMS student there are so many pictures that can define our history and culture. The photo above is defined as a class struggle for me specifically it is about poverty. What is class struggle and what is poverty? According to a class struggle is a conflict of different classes which results to different economic positions of people in the community. While according to Business Dictionary poverty is a state wherein the basic needs (in example food, shelter and clothing) of people are not met by individual. It is also a state where person lack of financial resources (money). (poverty)
There are many factors that causes one’s poverty. First is the lack of education. Education takes a big part of causing poverty. Lack of quality education and low education levels leads to the increase of the probability of poverty because it is a big factor to your earnings. In contemporary time, education is a big part when you are
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Poverty started long before Spaniards came in the Philippines in example is the aliping sagigilid wherein they can pay their debt by doing household chores to their masters and they can also be their master’s companion during wars. Their class status can be inherited from their parents if they not fully paid their debt. This situation can be compared to our social issues right now which is poverty except that the alipin can still have their basic needs like food, clothing and shelter by rendering service to their master while people who have suffered poverty does not have because they lack of financial resources which is money to buy their basic need like food. They just sleep in the streets and beg for food and money. Poverty can be inherited if they let the cycle goes on like not finishing school to get a job with a higher salary to provide their needs.

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