Class Struggle In The Bicycle Struggle

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This essay explains the concept of class struggle, bourgeoisie, proletariat (the classes that emerged during the industrialisation.) and alienation on the basis of Marx’s theory. And will also look at relevance of class in the post-industrial society. This essay also talks about how the movie The Bicycle Thief portrays the class struggle that took place and how the proletariats (the working class.) suffered in order to earn money and fulfil their daily needs. Karl Marx’s was one of the first social scientists to mainly focus on social classes, he was a German philosopher, economist and sociologist. His theory, Marxism was an alternative for the functionalism and was famous during the 1970’s as it party explained why functionalism had failed. His work was mostly concerned with economic issues, but as he was concerned connecting the economic problems to social institutions, his work remained rich in sociological insights. The European industrialization that took place in the 19th century transformed the society drastically. It was beneficial for the society in many ways, but it also lead to protests and revolutions. Karl Marx’s during this period of time observed the society and tried to understand why the protests and revolutions took place when the societies were getting wealthier. And he came to the conclusion that it was the industrial capitalism that lead to the conflict in the societies, and believed that it was found as an exploitative system of class relations and had to be over…show more content…
They have a world to win.' Thus, Marx had called for a workers' revolution where the proletarians would rise up against the bourgeoisie, overthrowing capitalism. To Marx's despair, though, such revolutions occurred in various countries such as Russia and China, but did not occur in the more industrialized nations of the time, like Britain and

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