Classic Subjects Should Be Taught In Schools Essay

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There is much debate about the subjects being taught in schools. Some people believe that classic subjects are important and have a place in education. While others believe that the curriculum is outdated and fails to prepare students for the future. There is a strong need for schools to redesign its curriculum because students are more likely to graduate high school and be prepared for the workforce. First and foremost, our world is constantly evolving, affecting the way we live and learn. Students are more likely to be engaged if they are learning subjects that are current in today’s world. In a recent study, 94% of students are more likely to graduate high schools that have incorporated technology into its curriculum. These students see the value in these subjects and more apt to stay in school. High school students that are studying subjects that are relevant to their future are…show more content…
It is important that high school students have training and experience that allows them to be prospective employees. In a recent study, 87% of new jobs created require employees to use multiple computer programs for entry positions. By redesigning school curriculum to recognize the needs of the workplace, this will enable students to have more viable job options after graduating high school. An updated school curriculum will increase students’ chances of getting hired for entry-level positions, leading to many job opportunities. In the end, there will always be a place for classic subjects in school. However, it is important that the curriculum is updated with subjects that are imperative to a successful life beyond graduation. School curriculum should reflect the evolution of tech, society, and perspectives. Our students are more likely to stay in school and graduate. Learning valuable skills that is relevant to the workplace allows these students to lead fulfilling and successful

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