Classic Trope In The Princess Bride

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From climbing up seven hundred foot cliffs to fighting off unusually large rodents, The Princess Bride is the story of an adventure that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. It is a romance narrative surrounding the cliché, the hero always gets the girl. We follow the protagonist Westley as he sets out on an action filled journey driven by his love for a woman named Buttercup. Certain characters such as princes, henchman, and witches are distinctively characterized during a romance narrative, but in The Princess Bride they inhabit alternative roles which contribute to this light hearted tale. The manipulation of tropes, commonly recurring literary devices, give a comedic feel to this intriguing and twist filled storyline. A classic trope in a romance narrative involves a damsel in distress who is usually…show more content…
Later in the story, when Inigo and Fezzick find Westley “almost dead,” they bring him to a wizard named “Miracle Max” and his wife, a witch. Previously demoted by Prince Humperdinck, Max’s need to destroy him is motivation to assist Westley. The interaction between the witch and Max provide comic relief to the obvious peril that the characters are under. The goofy and fun-loving roles that these “witches” take on illustrate how unrealistic this scene is. They treat his death casually, concocting a chocolate pill in order to resurrect Westley, as if this was a natural solution to the problem. While this is a critical part in pushing Westley back to the path of his quest, it’s utilization of humour results in the undermining of the plot. Although the witches play a crucial role in Westley’s transformation and the continuation of his quest, their excited and corky personas divert us from the seriousness of Westley’s
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