Classical And Modern Short Stories Summary

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Genre Analysis of Classical and Modern Short Stories Short stories can be divided into classical and modern short stories. Classical and modern short stories have their features respectively, and this essay will analyse the genre of them. Frist,the classical short story has a feature, that it will conclude an unexpected change in it. This change sometimes seems to be rediculous or not reasonable. However, because of author’s skillful description, the reader can find that the change is logical. The change makes the story more interesting, in the mean time, forces readers to think deeper. In The Death of a Government Clerk, which is written by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, this feature is distinct. The government clerk called Ivan Dmitrich Tchervyakov was enjoying himeself at first, however, he sneezed and spit on a general’s head indeliberatly. Due to this action, he became anxious, and in the end, he died because of his anxiety and fear. The change of the clerk’s mind and the death of him are both unexpected, as no one can expect a man should die because of such a small action. However, the author spends so much time describing the clerk’s mind, his action and his words to make his death logical. Eveline, which is written byJames Joyce, also has an unexpected change. Eveline hated the hard life at home, so it is certain that she wanted to leave with the sailor, Frank, and she thought she would be happy with Frank. However, in the end, when Frank called to her to follow him,

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