Classical Liberalism Source Analysis

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The three sources presented all show in some way the effects of classical liberalism and how less government involvement could affect the people. The first source is a diagram of a tree with its trunk being labelled power and three branches saying legislative, judicial and executive. The trees root is labelled corporate interest and has other roots labelled voters and activists. This diagram is showing how corporate interest composed of the activists and the voters are the roots of a separate power constitution. The second source is showing a graph, that depicts how in Canada there is an small to medium gap in the amount a single person is taxed compared to that of a family,. For Sweden there is no gap between amounts taxed based on family…show more content…
For Canada, single people have a 22.2 % wage where as a family has 15.5% wage. Single people in Canada based on this chart have a lower tax rate than that of a family. This chart is showing the difference in the amount people get taxed based on if their single or if they have a family. The source is being used to show this significant difference in Canada and the United States and how in Sweden both single people and families are taxed equally. This source is about inequality between people and how a single person in Canada and the United States are taxed less than that of families. The message of this source is to bring awareness to the inequality in taxes between a single person, and a family. Liberalism is about equality for all and that all people are free and equal, in this chart, the single people and the families are not taxed equally but in Sweden they are. This shows that Canada is more of a modern liberal society, and that the United States is more classical liberal, and that Sweden is more of a social liberal society. Classical liberalism has less government involvement and thus would explain the huge gap between the amounts a single person is taxed compared to that of a family. Modern liberalism has more government…show more content…
The CMA wants to make senior health care front and centre for the next federal election, as this would help save Canadians health care system money. This source is saying that the Canadian medical association is planning to charge money for health care. An example of this is the United States. The CMA doctor is giving the elderly man a choice to either pay withy Visa or MasterCard. Both which are credit cards, alluding to the issues and debt that could be resulted from this system of health care, for the people. The message of the source is to bring awareness to the fact that a health care system like the one that the CMA is proposing would be extremely expensive for the individual in need of health care. The first half of the cartoon is showing the doctor saying that we want to offer the patients a choice and with having a health care sheet sticking out of the envelope. It gives the reader a false belief that this is like public health care, but in the next half it becomes obvious that the choice is not really a choice it either pay the money or pay the money. The ideological perspective being shown by the cartoon is that of a more individualistic society where every person is looking out for themselves, and not for the good of the collective. This source is showing a more classical

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