Classical Organizational Theory In Galaxy Toys

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When Mr. Aldrin first started his employment at Galaxy Toys, his management style assisted in the tactical enhancements of toy construction and improvements made to shipping procedures. Mr. Aldrin assured that daily operational plans as well as providing guidelines that improved employee performance and the production of goods. By enforcing these procedures workers were able to gain professional knowledge and abilities to improve the output of Galaxy Toys. For a managers top priority concerns should be for the organizations success and survival. This management style portrays the School of Thought: Classical Organizational Theory.
Classical Organizational Theory is the first stepping stone of all management theories, which came about during pre-world war II. It explains the bond of scientific management, administrative and bureaucratic theories. Scientific management or classical theory focuses on the success of employees, by providing the necessary instruments for workers to allow a smoother run in the assembly line and to amplify productivity. The main goal of this theory is to reduce waste, design a just dispersal of merchandise, and increase the development of production. While serving the mutual interests of employers, their employees and humanity.
Theorist Frederick W. Taylor (1856-1915), also known as “The Father of Management”, had two important works: (1) 1903 shop management and (2) 1911 published his book “The Principles of Scientific Management”. While employed

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