Classical Rome Vs Usa

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The Romans established a republic when they overthrew their Etruscan conquerors in 509 B.C.E. This form of government consisted of elected representatives to rule on behalf of the citizens. The classical Roman civilization is considered truly classical because it was influential, timeless, and original. The Roman civilization’s form of government was truly influential towards the United States democracy although their are many differences. In addition, the Roman civilization was truly timeless towards the United States architecture in Washington D.C that was first found in the Roman Civilization. Lastly, the Roman Civilization was original because they defended their enemies with justice, unlike any other civilization then and now. Classical…show more content…
Although the Roman Civilization was considered a Republic and the United States is considered a democracy, there are many similarities between the two. However the Senate was one of the biggest influences on the United States. The senate’s job in both Ancient Rome and the United States is to make laws for the government, therefore everything in under control in the government and for the outside citizens. However, in Ancient Rome the members of the senate were born into it and were always Patricians. In result the Plebeians wanted power too and started the first secession of the plebs. The first secession of the plebs resulted in the Tribute of the Plebs, which gave them more power in government. However, the secession of the plebs benefitted the Americans too, by having more power in government without being rich. The most powerful aspect of the position was having the power to veto. In the United States today the president and ⅔ of the senate can veto a law, making all things more equal to the people. Additionally in both civilizations all citizens are able to vote, but in a Democracy all votes count unlike in a Republic where only some count. Some might…show more content…
The architecture first created in Rome was then built here in the Washington DC. The most famous example of Roman architecture brought to the United States is the Capitol Building, the seat of the congress. The capitol building is a form of bascila from Roman Architecture, which is typically used for a city hall or court room. A basilica 's roof is supported by columns and piers along the side of the building. The Romans timeless work of art has traveled to the United States thousands years later, making this certain civilizations architecture unchanging. When the Americans built the Capitol in 1791 they wanted to compliment the Romans work and by bringing it into the United States. Roman architecture is very distinctive looking. In almost every famous Roman building their are at least a couple columns, columns are detached or attached from the building in all Roman architecture. Ionic columns are the ones on the Capitol building and on the Colosseum are Roman Tuscan columns. If you compare the Colosseum that was build in 70 AD to the Capitol Building that was build in 1791, there is little to no difference in the style, size or structure in the building that were build thousands of years apart. Showing people that classical Rome was truly timeless in a sense of architecture, making Rome a classical civilization. Ancient Rome was influential, timeless and lastly
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