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In addition to mental readiness, focus and concentration also seem to play an important role. However, in order to be beneficial, they have to also be effortless. While not confirmed by much empirical evidence, Hogg (26) believed that the essence of achieving optimal results lied in focusing and concentrating before the challenge, without overthinking. On one hand, he believed that this would make getting into a flow easier. Moreover, he considered that high levels of concentration will develop into peak concentration during the task, which would eventually lead to peak performance.
Stress management skills are another component that is seen as essential. That involves the use of positive internal imaginary, in order to prepare for the challenge.
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Self-confidence, they argue, is likely to affect perceptions of performance ability, thus lowering stress and increasing motivation. Yet, there should be some degree of realism in this self-perception. The authors are mainly talking about self-confidence, based on assessments of both strengths and weaknesses. In order for it to have an effect on performance, it has to be achievable. One cannot be the best based solely on their confidence, skill, stress management and concentration still play important role. Nevertheless, when all other variables are equal, self-confidence just may tip the…show more content…
As banal, as it sounds, the more enjoyable the activity is, the better the performance is(25-30). The explanation for this is fairly simple. Perceiving an activity as fun automatically lowers the negative anxiety. Moreover, it helps people concentrate more on the process, rather than the result. Thus, a tennis player who competes out of love for the game has better chance of winning than one that plays for financial gains or fame. This is not limited to sports, however. A person who enjoys their job statistically performs better than those who perceive it as an obligation. Similarly, students who enjoy the process of learning remember more and achieve better results, compared to their peers who study for a particular exam or
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