Classical Style Of Classical Literature

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Classical Authors

Writing classical literature, authors express their own distinct style. The special way each author writes makes classic literature, appealing. Classic stories will help broaden horizons and teach readers about society. Readers will usually reread classics and enjoy the story even more. The unique styles of the classical authors O. Henry, Mark Twain, and John Steinbeck proves that classical literature is timeless.
O. Henry’s unique style is shown in his work. O. Henry writes with situational irony. Situational irony is where an author adds surprise endings or plot twists in his or her story. This is shown in the short story of “After Twenty Years.” In the story, a cop, Officer Wells, finds that after twenty years, his old friend, Bob has become a criminal. Unable to do arrest Bob himself, the officer sends another police to go after Bob. When the policeman said, “You’ve been under arrest for ten minutes...” (228) to Bob, it shows situational irony. This event is a plot twist and a surprise ending because the readers would never think that Bob was a criminal. Because O. Henry led the readers to believe that the story is just about two old friends meeting up after twenty years, it shows his classic plot twists(CX). This is a classic connection between life and style because O. Henry went to jail for embezzlement and the character Bob in the story went to jail, too for his crimes. O. Henry also writes with awkward or difficult situations for the character.
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