Critical Mass Of No-Workers Essay

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Going into work, there is a gigantic assignment that is required to be completed before you leave. Somehow the mysterious cloud called “the supervisors” need a concept of some weird item that will most likely be thrown out due to how complicated it will end up. But you are not alone, most people have others to work with, and for some reason, they are called coworkers when most of them should be called no-workers. Yet calling everyone such a broad term can be confusing, but we all classify them into different categories yet never talk about it. The largest of these categories include no-workers, manager wannabes, the joke-workers, and the people who seem to live at work. The no-workers are the most famous of these groups due to how much they do nothing. They somehow found some brain power to comprehend the idea of doing the least amount of effort toward their assigned task so that they are technically working, but another person has to go in and finish what they started. Usually, they are given tasks that are normally impossible to mess up; yet somehow, they find a way to insert a key in backwards and break it in the only door that goes to the…show more content…
The “critical mass” number changes from group to group. For example, the “critical mass” of no-workers is one, while the number for joke-workers is about one half of the workgroup. The anarchy can be different from group to group. Using the above group, the anarchy caused by no-workers is severely reduced productivity; while the joke-workers stop working and joke around the entire time while accomplishing almost nothing. We classify people in what they are good at and what they are assigned to do, yet we never classify how they work officially. We do give them names and groups, we talk about the actions of these people and give them a group classification yet we never truly acknowledge the existence of these
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