What Are Non Tipper Habits

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Can I have a booth, please? We sit them down at a booth of their choice and the minute you seat them the turn and say no, it's too cold here, then you seat them on the other side of the restaurant where you know it's warmer and it's the same thing. No, I want a seat at the bar. You take them to the bar and they say no I will take the booth you, first sat us at. After all that they get started and they call you over and say we have been her ten minutes and no one has taken our drink orders, or no one has spoken to us yet. After waiting on them, hand and foot they finally leave and they leave you a dollar tip.
I have worked in a restaurant since I have been 16, I started a small busy family owned restaurant and I was there till I closed it.
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They are considered to be the Non Tippers or Non Educated. Other Non-Tipper habits are the way they walk in the door, they usually start their phrase with a complaint, such as traffic was nuts, I should have just stayed home. Or they are yelling at their kids to behave one is usually screaming or another one is clinging to their leg or they have to carry them even though they are obviously able to walk. Another example of these Non-tippers are usually lunch-goers with dirty clothes who looked like they have never taken a shower in their…show more content…
Only because they are in the serving industry or have been once been a server before or also my Job is based on tips. They know exactly how hard you work for the little gratitude or gratuity you get. These are the people who don’t say anything at all they are straight and to the point, they don’t ask for anything they often even ask to see your manager and say to them what a good job our waitress did. These types of customer’s make you feel like you really know your job, they are usually supportive in less you get one that turned into the know it all and they hate everything you do because they did it better that like I said earlier does not happen often but when it does it really can make you change to do better also. But overall these tippers are the happiest and easiest to

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