Informative Essay On Car Racing

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About motor sports in general:
Motorsports is one of the biggest sports in the world and it is known worldwide. The events of motorsports are using motorized vehicles whether it was cars or motorcycles. Motorsports doesn’t mean racing, but the most famous type of motorsports is racing. There are also various types of racing like car racing, motorcycle racing and boat racing. The most famous type of racing is car racing so let’s take a deeper look into it.
Car racing is the most famous type of racing like I said from before. And in that there are lots of categories in car racing like circuit racing, rallying and drag racing. Almost all drivers of racing categories (except for drag racing) started as driving go karts. As these drivers go up the
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The sport has high risks of injuries and death. The reason of this is that the drivers of motor racing like to be on the edge on every corner on every lap so if something goes wrong even though a small thing then that would be your life. The safety in the olden days weren’t very good either. They had an open cockpit, no seatbelts, No suits and the helmet wasn’t mandatory. Even if the driver wore a helmet it wasn’t very protective. The cars were also heavy compared to the human weight and as a result could crush the driver if he went straight into a wall. To make it even worse the fuel line may cut and the fire will start burning. The first ever crash recorded was in the year 1919. As a result to this lack of safety there were a lot of tragedies in the racing history. There were more than 35 fatalities from 1953 until today in formula 1 only, some more gruesome than the others. And a lot had occurred at the same time as the crash has happened. The most deadly crash has occurred not in formula 1 but in the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1955. The crash occurred when a jaguar had slowed down so fast that the Austin Healy that was behind it swerved to avoid the crash and it hit a Mercedes and as a result that sent it flying over the crowed. About seventy seven were killed on the spot with a lot decapitated and another seventy seven badly
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