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Plastic is one of the recent engineering materials available in market in various forms to suit many requirements. Plastic is an organic substance and it consists of natural and synthetic binders or resins with or without molding compounds. Rigid Plastics : These plastics have a high modulus of elasticity Soft Plastics : These plastics have a low modulus of elasticity Elastomers : These plastics are soft and elastic materials with low modulus of elasticity Properties of plastics 1. They are light in weight and glossy like glass. 2. They have resistance to corrosion, moisture, chemicals, and solvents. 3. The plastics possess excellent electric insulating properties. 4. Several types of plastics are transparent and translucent. 5. Some plastics have high compressive strength. 6. Melting point of…show more content…
Soda-lime glass (Na2O, CaO, 6SiO2) 2. Potash-lime glass (K2O, CaO, 6SiO2) 3. Potash- lead glass (K2O, PbO, 6SiO2) 4. Common glass Properties of glass 1. It has no definite crystalline structure. It shows amorphous structure. 2. It is very hard and tough, while in solid state. 3. It is extremely brittle. 4. It absorbs, refracts or transmits light. 5. It electrical insulator at elevated temperatures. 6. It is inert to air, water, chemical except alkalis. 7. Possible to weld pieces of glass by fusion. 8. Available in beautiful colors. 9. It can be cast in to any desired shape and size. 10. Can take up a high polish and may be used as substitute for very costly gems 11. As a result of advancement made in the science of glass production, it is possible to make glass lighter than cork or softer than cotton or stronger than

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