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Protists are a microscopic single celled living organism. Protists are eukaryotic. There are multiple different types of protists. All protists have a nucleus and many other cellular structures. One type of protist is an amoeba

The amoeba is scientifically known as the Amoebidae. It is mostly a freshwater organism. It is commonly found in ponds, rivers, lakes, and one in a while the ocean or bay. They are typically on leaves of plants so it can find food but you may find it floating to. Amoebas are also rarely found in the soil and sometimes they do go inside a animal body like a parasite.

Under the microscope the amoeba looks like a big grey, clear, black, brown, green, some red, oozing blob. But the body actually is more complicated than
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The false feet first go out and then the body follows in a kind of oozing motion.

The amoeba eats smaller protists, animals, and plants. It captures then in their false feet and slowly increases it in itself so it can not move anymore. Then it passes through the cell wall and membrane and then the food goes into a vacuole which can store oxygen, food, or liquid. The vacuole obtains its nutrients and lets the cell use it as needed. There are many different vacuoles in the amoeba.

An abiotic factor of the amoeba is temperature and light. The amoeba likes warmer temperatures because it helps it swim faster. The sunlight also affects the amoeba. The amoeba doesn't like much sun because it might dry it up or overheat it.

Some biotic factors are its recycling, purifying, and fertilizing. They are a natural source for purifying water and are very helpful in their ecosystems. Lots of the amoeba also recycle and decompose.

The amoeba is usually the niche in its community because it eats all the other things its size or smaller. It is also the most dominate protist. It can be eaten by other protist if it is small enough but when you get to the bigger ones it is the niche most of the
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Then it goes to opposite sides of the cell and starts to tear it apart. After that it splits its body into 2. An Amoeba has asexual reproduction, which means it has both types of sexual origins to reproduce and it uses both of them so it doesn't need a partner.

The humans contact with the amoeba is not very popular. Sometimes the do turn into parasites and enter your body and make you sick. Other Times when humans have contact with Amoebas is when the Amoeba enters the human body and causes fatal damage. It can do this by going into the nerve system and compromising the nervous system. Another way is it goes into the brain and as you can guess makes the brain swell, causes brain damage, kills tissue,c and more medical stuff. A fact is that the Amoeba is the third most common parasite death the the world. But don’t worry because medical advancement has been made and “34,000 drowning deaths from 2001 to 2010” to “2006 to 2015, there were just 37” from the brain eating amoeba. Just be careful what kind of water you go swimming in!

Overall the Amoeba is pretty much a protists that is a niche. It is generally a safe organelle for humans but in some cases it is fatal. They are VERY important to the ecosystem because they are decomposers, recyclers, and most keep our environment

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