Comparison: The Running Man And The Truman Show

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Thesis: Demonstrating the regression of society, the deliberate obstruction of truth, by authoritative powers, showcases corruption and the true human condition. The Running Man and “The Truman Show” demonstrate that when one hero disrupts societal norms, it allows individual freedom from oppression, resulting in the advancement of a progressive society as a whole.
(Topic Sentence.) (Point 1: The Running Man television show is designed to exemplify the corrupted classism by publically and legally murdering and dehumanizing the lower classes and giving catharsis and reinforcement by the government). (Intro Quote.) “‘All of you watching this…You people in the...ghettos…I want to tell you about a monstrous conspiracy to deprive you of the very
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It was like being trapped in a very deep well and hearing someone call down. His mind had gone midnight dark, and the darkness served as the background for a king of scrapbook slideshow” (King 373 – 374). Demonstrating the tragic results of being isolated in a dystopian text, Richards finally realizes his sudden loss of purpose for life. Although his living conditions are poor, his duty to care and provide for his sick daughter direct his path towards sacrifice in any means possible. His family gives him hope, and a reason to live. With Killian’s revelation of the murders of his family, Ben is warped into a sudden “darkness” where he recollects all the beautiful memories of his wife. Thus, King effectively develops the “turning point” for Ben Richards in The Running Man. Ben has become a true, isolated hero, whose “deep” darkness can only result in rage. The true tragedy of Richards is that he is the only, lasting survivor of The Running Man. He has knowledge of the corrupted air pollution; yet, he has no power to enact real change. Thus, Richards becomes crazed. His filial duty and the promised money no longer binds him to his duty of “The Running Man” show. Therefore, Ben directs his rage to enact revenge against the Games Federation, the
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