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Classmate Interview:

Wearing big bows, a pound of glitter and tight skirts is a normal day for Joy Barber.

Joy Barber always knew that she would be a cheerleader in college. Since the age of 7 she has cheered competitively. At a young age Joy started cheering, unfortunately as a freshman in high school her dream was almost destroyed. After tearing her ACL Joy used her injury as motivation.

Due to her motivation she is now a cheerleader at the University of Colorado. Joy is currently a sophomore working on a broadcasting major and pre-law requirement. Here at the university cheering is only volunteer, and the girls’ get no help. Joy practices between 2-3 hours a day, 5-7 times a week, which doesn’t include games. They have to pay for everything themselves: travel, camps and college.

“The cheerleaders at CU are one of the most dedicated athletes and need to be rewarded.” Says Joy Barber
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Joy like many others goes to CU as a student athlete and just because athlete doesn’t come first to them, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserves the recognition all the other teams get.

Joy couldn’t image her life without cheer.

“We are ambassador for the university,” says Joy.

The cheer team is always there to support our men and women’s sport, so why is the University not supporting them? Even though cheer at other schools is not seem as a sport doesn’t mean that our cheer team is not a sport either.

Joy and her teammates put in long hours for the enjoyment of the sport and their own passion. Joy has a strong passion for the sport, which keeps her pushing through the hard days. She has hope that cheer will be seen as a sport in the near
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