Classmates And Parents Influence On Children

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TESL 301 - OUT-OF-CLASS ESSAY #2 Argumentative Essay-Topic 1 Manisha Tera CWID:80273911 Introduction: Classmates and parents both has a great impact on a child 's life because children spend their times at home and at school. Some people believe that parents has great influence on children. On the other hand, some may believe children usually spend a lot of time with classmates, sometimes from school to university may be. Therefore, they got influenced from their friends more and I think that is absolutely correct. Classmates influence more strongly than parents on a child success based on the reasons that I have extensively discussed in the subsequent paragraphs of this argumentative essay. The reasons discussed in this essay mainly elaborate the classmates part in the mental and emotional development of child, their different learning aspects and their influence on child to involve in some specific activities when compared to parent’s part. Which ultimately lead to the child’s success in school. My first supporting argument of this statement is that children join school during the years in which they commence their mental and emotional development stages, (Wentzel & Wigfield, 1998). As such, children tend to have better success in school based on the emotional and mental attachments and associations that they make around their colleagues in school with regard to learning activities. In essence, their colleagues greatly influence them during their
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