Classroom Assessment Essay

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PAÑÑĀSĀSTRA UNIVERSITY OF CAMBODIA An Introduction to Classroom Assessment & Evaluation TEST ANALYSING Submitted to Dr. RATH Chhang Submitted by NHEN Socheath Phnom Penh TEST ANALYSING Teaching is by far one of the most difficult jobs. Besides preparing the lessons, instructing in the class, and grading students’ paper, every teacher needs to put quite a lot more effort in tracking the students’ progress. And this is call assessment. The term assessment has a very complex connotation which does not only cover a particular meaning. McMillan (2004) defines the term assessment as an integrated task which involves every part of decision making and instruction in the classroom (p.8). In a similar perspective, Volante (2006) points out that classroom assessment includes both formal and informal procedures which the teachers use to examine their students’ learning and performance (p.135). One aspect that…show more content…
The term backwash refers to both the direct and indirect effect of the test on the methods of teaching (Prodromou, 1995). However, the implication of backwash effect in assessment does not focus on teaching alone, but also learning. To make it clear, the result of a test can be used either by the teacher to improve his teaching practices, or the students to improve their learning. As a student, I can learn a few things from this test. After getting the test result, I could identify where I am week at. For example, I could get more marks on factual and simple understanding section such as matching, binary choice and multiple choice; however, I made less marks on written answers, which is in deep understanding target. With this help from the test, I can see where to improve. More importantly, this test can provide a good example of what an appropriate test should include. In other words, to me as a student, I would say that this this can somehow have a positive impact on my learning and
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