Classroom Assessment In The Classroom

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Education as a social institution is subject to change in response to social dynamics. Changes in the curriculum is needed to change the approaches and methods of teaching and learning and to change the usual ways of assessing students. Assessments must be consistent to let students engage in learning, to reveal changes in student understanding over time. The purpose of this is not only to inform instructional practice but to encourage and uplift students to take responsibility of their learning. This has been the foundation for creating a stable assessment system.
One of the integral parts of teaching and learning is the Classroom assessment practices conducted by teachers. Teachers may not know if students are learning or progressing without
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He pointed out that assessment should concentrate on assisting teachers to amend the direction they use assessment results, they should improve the character of their classroom assessments, and adjust their assessments with valued learning goals and district standards.
Assessment of learners is serious because decisions are made on the capability of teachers to know their learners and to match activities with exact assessments. When teachers ' classroom assessments become a vital component of the instructional process and a key component in their attempts to help scholars learn, the benefits of appraisal for both scholars and instructors will be unlimited (Gonzales, 2015).
The efficiency of assessment is attained if it is specific (Sarwar, 2010). Student’s strengths and weaknesses must be known in order for the teachers to help learning. Educator and the students themselves can improve learning based on the helpful instruction provided once the break is identified between present knowledge and the unit marks. Instructors can also get further evidence of student learning using wide-running projects, and utilizing new and existing skills in real situations (Yorke,
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Unfortunately, the purpose of classroom assessment in most schools seems to be confused and, therefore, not supporting learning (Stiggins, 2005). The term assessment in some schools means testing and grading hence, do not serve the purpose of assessing students. Worth (2014) emphasized that teachers need to admit that many learners are assessment motivated, and rather than work against this reality (which is rarely successful), teachers should instead consider how assessment can report student concerns of clarity and fairness while being more tied into

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