Classroom Behavior In The Classroom

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Problem behaviors displayed by children in classroom settings are some of the most challenging issues teachers deal with when trying to provide a proper education to all students. As schools try to include special education students in general education classes, these problematic behaviors, such as disruptive or destructive behaviors, can cause interruptions in the learning process for both students and teacher. A young student in a kindergarten classroom is not able to control his behavior for long periods of time and at times shows signs of aggression by running out of the room, throwing chairs, or having tantrums such as yelling, kicking, or sulking. This student is a five-year-old boy in a typical kindergarten class. This class consists of the teacher and one teacher assistant along with twenty-one other girls and boys with ages ranging from five to six years old. He comes from a loving and supportive family. Both mother and father live in the home and he has no siblings. He is helpful at times especially in the cafeteria and is full of energy. He frustrates easily when instructions are given to the class as a whole, has difficulty understanding a lesson, or has to sit still for longer periods. He seems to display high levels of aggression mostly when he cannot effectively communicate his wants or needs to the staff. His major outbursts, such as throwing things, occur mainly while in school as his parents state he is not as aggressive at home. His parents,

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