Classroom Communication Reflection

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Communication is continuous activities in the classroom happening in presenting knowledge, interacting between teacher and student. The communication is also a connection between teacher and students. As a Teacher of English education, effective communication can benefit in both classroom management and teaching – learning process. Personally, although I am a novice of teaching career who has not had opportunities to independently deal with classroom issues, I strongly aware of the importance of classroom communication in both teaching and daily interacting with students due to some situations I faced in my teaching context (as a trainee teacher). In the light of knowledge, strategies for classroom management provided in this course, I am going to analyze two situations.
My context of teaching is the classroom of forty - five student in grade ten. The school is located in outskirt areas of Can Tho. Some students’ background is difficult with financial problems. Positively, all of the parents have a high awareness of the importance of literacy.
Firstly, the first meeting. I think that the first expression is very important because it can influence on teaching process. The success of making good expression in the first meet can lead to the smooth corporation during the semester. In contrast, if teacher seems to be fail in communication, the negative strereotype will be set in students’ mind, which can be difficult to break down and rebuild a new one. In particular, if

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