Classroom Design In The Classroom

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Classroom set-up or design Fuglei explains that the teachers know that changing their classroom layout can shake things up, and recent research supports this: Classroom design influences students’ behavior. More surprisingly, the classroom has a significant and lasting effect on students’ performance. Researchers at the University of Salford have been assessing the influence of classroom design on student performance. While teachers are often faced with a fixed classroom design that would be unreasonably costly to change, several of the design feature in the study – natural light, noise control, and even color usage and classroom orientation – can be considered when creating a classroom layout. An effective classroom should be safe, comfortable, and allow for students to take full advantages of available classroom resources. National Center for Quality Teacher and Learning (NCQTL) suggests that classroom have areas with home-like features such as pillows and rugs. This increase the level of comfort in the classroom while allowing sensory students a small crash area or space to withdraw. Schools should make their classrooms homey so the students can focus on their studies and would be comfortable enough inside the classroom. If the students are not comfortable and irritable inside their classroom there are chances that the student would be absent for a day so, to prevent absenteeism students should feel comfortable inside the classroom. A number of authors from various
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