Classroom Discourse Analysis

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In the view to analyse the classroom interaction, it is important to identify the two ways interaction between the teachers and their students in the teaching and learning process. Based on the conceptual framework, the Classroom Discourse Analysis is constructed by using framework of teaching and pedagogical discourse which provides two insights; teachers’ practices and students’ practices. From the framework of teaching proposed by Danielson (2014), two domains will be selected to analyse the class talks. Firstly, creating an environment of respect and rapport will be discussed under the classroom environment domain. According to Danielson (2014), it is essential for teachers to establish a good relationship with their students. By creating…show more content…
The elements of this component are quality of questions/ prompts, discussion techniques and student participation. Effective questioning techniques are associated with the types of the questions. Instead of just asking closed-questions, the teachers should vary the types of questions by asking open-ended questions to encourage the critical thinking of the students. As mentioned by Danielson (2014: 59), “Class discussion are animated, engaging all the students in important issues and promoting the use of precise language to deepen language and extend their understanding.” Hence, an effective classroom interaction is not necessarily evolved high cognitive level of lesson content, but the engagement and participation of the students is important to make sure the learning and teaching process is…show more content…
Optionists are trained to be English option teachers to teach English subject in school 1.7.2 Non-optionists Non-optionist teachers are refer to teachers who are equipped with pedagogy skills but not English skill. They are not trained to teach English subject in school. 1.7.3 Classroom Discourse According to Rosniah et. al (2011), classroom discourse can be defined as the context and type of language use in the classroom situation. The discourse evolved interaction between the teacher and his or her students in teaching and learning process. 1.7.4 Discourse Analysis According Johnstone (2008), discourse analysis is an analytical process in a relatively explicit way. The analysis can include aspects of the structure and function of language in use. 1.7.5 Textual Analysis In this study, the discourse analysis is specifically focusing on the textual analysis. According to Fairclough (1992), the interaction between the teacher and students in a classroom discourse is mainly focusing at the specific levels of organization such as in turn taking, topic selection and

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