Classroom Discourse Analysis: Linguistic Structure Of Classroom Discourse

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Gao Xia S11181407 ENG6213 The Discussions of Classroom and Written Discourse Linguistic Structure of Classroom Discourse : Question-Answer Sequence 1. Introduction Classroom discourse analysis is an aspect of classroom process research. It helps teachers understand how teachers use a language in classroom. Based on data taken from the Corpus of English Language Teaching (CELT) developed by the staff of the English Department at IEd, this paper attempts to reveal the features of discourse in an English classroom. More specifically, the data was taken from a Primary School English lesson, which was taught by a Local Pre-service English Teacher. The paper describes and analyzes the data from the aspects the structures of classroom discourse, of the amount of talking done by teachers, and the questions of teacher. This paper finds that teacher talk more than students talk. In other words, the discourse is teacher-led. By discussing the nature of participation structure, and the patterns of interaction in the classroom, some pedagogical implications will be derived. Keywords: Classroom Discourse Analysis, Classroom Discourse Structure, Teachers’ Questions 2. Literature Review Classroom discourse includes the communication between the students and their teacher as well as with other learners. One form of classroom discourse analysis is the analysis of interaction between teachers and students. The ideal situation involves both the participation of the teacher and students,

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