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After three quarters and over six months, I was able to go to an in depth interview with the teacher of the classroom that I peer tutor. Mr. Kanna the U.S. History teacher for juniors, has been working with me in order to help spread the knowledge further for the entire class. My role in the class is to help out the students in the classroom on any questions they have for U.S. History. Over the months, I have gotten into a routine, in which I help anyone who has a question for the home/classwork or to connect an event/person of the past to today or to be there for moral support in the class. I have personally take great joy in helping out the students in any way possible. Although, the many times I have been in his classroom to help, I have…show more content…
Kanna why he chose to teach at Davis High. He said that he preferred this school due to, his overall history with Davis. Before teaching in Davis Senior High School, he first taught private classes in martial arts in Davis. But overtime, he was able to start subbing in Davis. One year, Davis had a shortage of school and was in great need of teachers. Mr. Kanna gave his best when interviewed and became a teacher. At first he was a part time teacher at the school, but eventually he became a full time teacher at Davis Senior High School. Furthermore, when I asked him how he is able to get his students involved in class. Mr. Kanna says that by telling interesting examples about history or through stories (such as shocking, etc.). He discussed on the importance of his message through his tales is to relate to the discussion of history. It is paramount that discussion is among the students and to make them learn from one…show more content…
He answered that he would probably become an economics teacher, especially since he took economics in college. Mr. Kanna had not only taught U.S. history, but also taught U.S. government, economics (shortly) and psychology. When he did teach economics, he said that he was a better learner than a teacher. Since he is able teach economics, but not able to teach it well enough that he wants to. I could completely agree with Mr. Kanna since I get nervous that I am not teaching well enough compared to others. In addition, I believe when someone teaches a subject, that person should already comprehend it well enough to teach another

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