Classroom Management Assignment

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Yasmin Jomaa 201302092 Classroom Management Assignment 3 Classroom management is the process of making sure that a lesson being explained in class is running smoothly even though there are some students misbehaving, which is why is it very crucial for teachers to know how to manage a classroom. Positive and effective learning and teaching cannot take place if the classroom isn’t managed well. It takes a good deal of effort to create a well managed classroom. There are 4 important aspects for classroom management; the teacher’s role, instructional strategies, discipline, and procedures and routines. The teacher plays an important role in the classroom. She is a facilitator, role model, guide, mentor, protector etc. According to Comenius, the teacher’s role is to be a permissive facilitator of learning to base instruction on the child’s stages of development. She plays a protector role because she is taught to look for signs of trouble in the students. Being their mentor, she encourages the students to strive to be the best they can be and at the same time encourages the students to enjoy learning. Teachers are not just there to teach the students, but to care for them and love them, where she spends time listening to what the students have to say whether it’s talking about their day, problems, family, etc. and being there for them, thus making a connection with them, but at the same time, keeping a distance so as not to get emotionally attached. According to Friedrich

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