Classroom Management Reflection Paper

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For Morningside College’s teacher preparation course entitled Classroom Management, I was given the opportunity to interview and experienced teacher in hopes of gaining helpful insight into classroom management strategies as well as teaching best practices. At first I had planned on interviewing on of my favorite high school teachers, Mrs. Wright a biology instructor at Carlisle High School. However, after not receiving an email back from her I decided to reach out to my mom, an elementary principal for Des Moines Public Schools and have her aide me in selecting a teacher that would be most suitable for this particular assignment. My mom suggested that I reach out to Mr. Decker, a second grade teacher at her school River Woods Elementary, who has taught for over twenty years. It was wonderful that I was able to interview with Mr. Decker, as he…show more content…
Yes, lesson delivery and classroom engagement is important for students to succeed in the classroom, however, the formation of relationships with students and their families is of utmost importance. After the establishment of a sense of classroom community, “everything else begins to fall in place.” Children are engaged, they want to learn, they begin to self monitor and that’s what is most powerful. As I continue to develop my philosophies of teaching, specifically, classroom management I will bring along with me this experience and take into account Mr. Decker’s experiences and suggestions. It is important for me to recognize that being a teacher isn’t an easy job, it’s more than just lecturing students and drilling information in which I want them to regurgitate. Being a teacher is caring about the individual “whole student” their home life, their like’s and dislikes as well as their strengths and weaknesses, all in hopes of pushing each student to be as successful as
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