Classroom Management Philosophy Statement

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When it comes to managing a classroom, I am sure that as I gain experience my methods and beliefs will change. However, it is still imperative that a beginning teacher has clear strategies for classroom management that are put into place before the first day of class even begins. This paper will discuss some of my current perceptions over how to be an effective classroom manager, detailing and justifying several key ideas and themes that will hopefully enable my classroom to become a well running and effective place of learning. To begin with establishing routines is perhaps the most important aspect of effective classroom management. This is an idea that has been stressed in multiple textbooks, and in every cooperating teacher I have…show more content…
Personal phones and specific apps will be utilized in activities, they will be given time to search things, play games, and many sorts of other activities that will all greatly add to the lessons and help students really learn what I am attempting to teach them. This being said, there will be a time and place for technology, all other times I expect cellphones, IPads, IPods, and computers to be put away. Respect is a two way street, I am respecting the students by giving them my undivided attention so I expect the same from them. Furthermore, once students get into the workforce and/or college they will not be allowed on their personal electronics so by not allowing it my classroom I will be preparing them for the outside world. Headphones will not be allowed at all in the classroom, it is a personal pet peeve of mine when people constantly have earphones in when others are talking to them, it is rude and unprofessional thus it will not be allowed in my…show more content…
Respect all people. This rule covers a lot of ground and I believe it is the most important in creating a productive and healthy classroom environment. “People” includes, but is not limited to, the teacher, other students, guests, and themselves. This tells students that in my class it is not okay to bully others, it is not okay to make anyone (including themselves) feel inferior, it is not okay to not appreciate someone’s effort, it is not okay to judge someone on their difference, and so on. This is the ultimate rule in my life, I believe that if more people followed it the world would be a better place, so it will also be the ultimate rule in my
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