Classroom Management Strategies In The Classroom

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Classroom management is the process by which teachers maintain appropriate behavior of students in classroom surroundings. According to Emmer & Sabomie 2015; Everston & Weintsein, 2006, the purpose of implementing classroom management strategies is to enhance effective behavior and increase student academic engagement.To have an effective classroom management is to establish and sustain an orderly environment in the classroom, increase meaningful academic learning and facilitate social and emotional growth, and decrease negative behaviors. As a teacher, the most important thing is to have a good relationship with the students and show them that you care about them, like making sure to have good connection with them and ask…show more content…
Instructional strategies are essential to be fulfilled in the classroom as it inspires students. Learning can be improved when instructional strategies are tangled to the interest of students. Instructional strategies focus on educating academic and social skills. Every teacher has a certain goal to achieve with her students in the classroom. To have a successful classroom, a teacher should include several strategies. Some of which are creating the right classroom climate. This is to make sure that students feel safe, secure, and engaged with learning. Another strategy is preparing for instruction. When the students are actively engaged in learning, discipline problems will decrease. Teachers should keep their students involved in the lesson and keep them a part of their implementation. Effective instructions are how teachers want to teach their students. Every teacher has her own teaching style where she decides how to teach in the classroom. An effective classroom management is essential for students to feel comfortable and engaged in learning. Teachers should be aware of the environment they are surrounding the students in, where they have to be encouraged to learn and not get bored. Having an organized classroom is one of the most important things to have an effective instruction by which teachers will feel comfortable in moving around the classroom…show more content…
This means that if the teacher is not aware of students getting used to routines, they will get bored in the classroom and not get used to do the same plan and sessions. However, discipline can be achieved easily with the students and the most important things are procedures and routines. An example of a classroom procedure that they assume to become a routine is the students knowing specific rules in the class like if the students know what to do at the beginning of a period, and if they know how to get the teacher’s attention and many others. As to procedures, students should consider getting ready to work as soon as they enter the classroom, participate in discussions, getting classroom materials, and avoid interruptions. Teachers need to create a limited number of rules that are clear, specific, and stated in a positive manner. To add up, teachers should always involve their students in the process of developing and understanding the routines and procedures. Procedures and rules are the most frequent explicit expectations. Some rules are always important in the classroom to emphasize appropriate behavior. Rules should be posted in the classroom and compliance should be monitored constantly. Good discipline occurs if classroom activities are set to enhance supportive

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