Classroom Observation Plan

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At Robert F high school, we will offer more in school learning time. We will be adding time for academics, personal stylized learning, and teacher collaboration. With data systems we will individualize instruction, and incorporate new technical ways of educating. We will ask the students what works for them in their classroom experiences. Using Classroom Observation Protocol Using Classroom Undergraduate STEM showed correlation between students and learning. (COPUS) showed students spent 57% of class engaged in different activities instead of listening to their teacher. The students spent 43% of the time listening to the instructor. It also showed time spent lecturing, explaining assignments, or conducting other administrative tasks. It was also shown that the teacher took 30% of class time lecturing. 72% of class time is spent lecturing, group work, listening as a whole class. Before the students took the class they…show more content…
We want to create situations where students can relate their learning and their life outside of school, and apply what they have learned. We will implement through various methods of applied learning, and technology to reach our goals. What we understand about out-of-class experiences has important out comes in education. These outcomes are cognitive complexity, critical thinking, intellectual flexibility, and reflective judgment. As well as, knowledge acquisition and humanitarianism. We will create situations in which students examinetheir life outside the classroom. We will address the importance of out-of-class experience. We will develop a common understanding of the desired outcomes of education and the combination of institutional conditions and student experiences most likely to produce these outcomes, assess regularly the impact of out-of-class environments on students, and shape student cultures in ways that foster responsible behavior. (Kuh,
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