Common Room Observation

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The environment I chose to observe was a Freshman residence hall common room within Millenium Hall. The common room has a five piece couch and chair set that can be easily moved and reoriented. During my observation period the furniture was oriented in an L shape facing a 48 inch panasonic television. The specific area would play host to the floor during the NFC championship. The Philadelphia Eagles are playing in the championship game so a large floor gathering was scheduled. The time of observation started at approximately 6:40 when the game was scheduled to start.
There were seven individuals within the common room. Three individuals were sitting on the L shaped couch, and four individuals were sitting on the floor in front of the television.
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The individuals on the floor were wearing Drexel apparel or other non sports team related apparel. A reasonable assumption would be that the individuals on the floor without Eagles apparel were individuals that were interested in the game, but are not so supportive of either team playing as to display team logos, colors, or other accoutrements that would indicate a team loyalty. These individuals were watching the game, but they were much less interested in the game and placed greater value on conversation throughout the game. One of the Indian males on the floor was asking questions about how the game of American football was played and the other Indian male was answering his questions. The person answering questions seemed knowledgeable about the rules of play for the game on the television and was quite detailed in explaining how each team would come into possession of the ball and attempt to score points. From my observations the accent of the questioning individuals sounded foreign. Due to nature of the questions and the accent of the individuals and logical assumption would be that the individual asking questions was an international student and did not have much exposure to the game on the television. While this was a learning experience, both parties engaged in the conversation were casual in their demeanor.
During the second quarter, the Eagles scored a touchdown from
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